Modern home buyers are quick to pick the fresh properties as compared to the resale properties even when the resale ones are available at cheaper prices. The newly constructed properties are supposed to have better amenities and underlying technologies. The psychological reason also exists beneath somewhere when the buyer thinks when he is spending handsomely on the property, why not buy a new one and not something that passed hands.

Moreover, investing in the under-construction projects give the buyers a liberty to decide the layout, push the developers for the facilities of own choice, some price negotiations and freebies like a gym membership or free maintenance. There are many advantages of buying new residential flats in Jaipur over the resale one.


1. Range of options

One can find a huge range of options in the new properties. Many established and new builders are coming up with new projects with all the amenities like gym, swimming pool, best-in-class security system, great location, space etc. As per one’s requirements, he can find the perfect home among the newly developed units. In the resale homes, the choices are limited.

2. Sound technology

The new homes are built with the latest technologies; it is not just about the security. The smart devices are convenient to use and they save energy too. Many homes are now installed with the devices that work on the natural resources like sunlight. They are environment-friendly too and needs less maintenance, hence has a longer life. The modern buyers know that these devices may have high upfront cost but in the long-term, they are very beneficial.

3. Better standing structure

The bones of the new building are stronger and hence, they are more secure than the resale houses. Also, when someone buys an old house, he would have to spend in its renovation to sell it after a considerate period of time. Buying a new house means a better return on investment at the time of sale of the property.

4. Less maintenance cost

The builders provide all the top-notch plumbings and electricity circuits in the house. They deliver the problem-free performance and there is no need to spend on the maintenance frequently. While in the resale homes, the wearing out of the electric circuit and the broken faucets are quite common. Even when the house has not been used for the living by anyone, the fittings and fixtures deteriorate over the period of time. Buying a resale house means extra expenditure.

5. For all the budgets

The resale properties are cheaper than the new properties. If you think this, it is a mistake. The developers are now using excellent construction technologies which reduce the cost of building and the profit is transferred to the buyers. The cost of affordable housing is decreasing and it opens a window of opportunity for the buyers to own a house. The resale homes are made with old technology with a lot of construction wastes leading to rising in prices of flats in Jaipur.

The resale market has already taken a hit and the currency ban has brought it to the toes. Some people may find their home in the resale market too. It all depends on the choices.