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September 2016

Why You Should Buy A Villa

If you are thinking of investing in the real estate, villa may be the perfect option for you. Villa is a house surrounded by a piece of land. When someone buys the house, he becomes the owner of the land too; that’s what differentiates a villa with an independent house. The villa is peaceful, you can live close to nature, there is no interference of the neighbours and you can lead a stress-free life.

Everybody wants a time out from the busy city life and the city traffic. And taking a vacation is their getaway plan. What if the life becomes a holiday. What if you can enjoy every day? What if there is a luxurious villa to go back to after tiring 9 to 5 job?

The idea is amazing and the living is more amazing. It sounds something soothing, comfortable, and grand. Well, let us tell you some of the benefits of living in a luxury villa in Jaipur.


1. Comfort and lifestyle that speaks volume

The life in a villa is vibrant. Many villas offer all the amenities for comfort living like in-house gym, pool, indoor games, mini theatre etc. What else do we want? Owning a house makes you feel like a king but owning a villa would actually make you one. Modern and high-class living in a luxurious villa is everyone’s dream. They cost a fortune but the money is worth spending. When you become a proud owner of the villa, you get the prying eyes and that feels like a great achievement. Large space, lavish living and comfort, what’s not to like in a villa?

2. More privacy from random traffic

Living in an apartment is tough when it comes to the privacy. A lot of people pass by your door to access the elevator, stairs, hallway and there is no way for you to identify the bad elements. There are security guards and the CCTV but they can be compromised. Also, remember the foot stomping sound from the upper floors when people walk. There are no such issues in case of villas. They are equipped with all the security features to keep the trespassers away. If you travel a lot, the villa can be the safe house for your family.

3. Surrounded by nature and greenery

The best thing about a villa is its location. They are built on the prime locations on the outskirts of the city where there are peace and relaxing quietness. You wake up to the bird’s song and step out to see the mother nature blooming. The air is clean and the neighbourhood is scenic. When your surroundings are beautiful, you live a healthy and joyful life. It heals all your ailments and gives a new positive energy to proceed with more confidence and pride.

4. More control over design

As compared to the flats, the villas provide you more control over the modifications that you want to do to the house. In apartments, you can not build a floor up or make renovations without the consent of the landlord while owning a villa makes you our own lord. You decide when to go out and when to come home. There would be no one to ask why you are coming late frequently. No one would be maintaining a log of your arrival and departure.

5. Future investment

Villas have high resale value as compared to the flats or houses. They are designed catering the needs of the buyer and they provide the comforts of living. While you can enjoy your villa to the fullest, after some time, selling it brings you a lot of appreciation. Many people are buying the villas to spend the weekends and organising the parties. When the time is right, they sell the villas to get a handsome profit out of the transaction.

If these reasons are not persuasive enough to live in a villa, what can be? Buy a villa now, go online and browse the spacious independent villas in Jaipur on our website. You will not be disappointed.

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Closing Into Buying Your Perfect Home

Buying a house is a big decision.
You need to be prepared emotionally and financially.

Finding the perfect house is quite a daunting process. It is excruciating, and it becomes tougher if you know a little about the flats for sale. Well, do not worry because that’s what Own A Roof is all about (shameless promotion).

Anyhow, a lot of things change when you buy your own house. Many a time, you get the cold feet, and you feel like stepping back, but things get settled at their place after some time. So, before heading out to the market and going to the open houses, you need to ask yourselves some questions, and when you have the answers, you are ready to go.


Q1: Am I financially capable of buying a house?
You have been saving money for a long time but for the purchase of a house, you need to double check the finances. It is not advisable to wipe out the bank account to buy a house. Get the calculator and add the cost of living, moving, painting, and furnishing. You always need the money for the maintenance purposes once you buy the house.

Q2: Is the house going to be a luxury or the necessity?
You may be dreaming for a mansion, but it is the time to set the expectations right. For a family of two, 2 BHK flat in Jaipur is the perfect to live in. You can convert the second room to a guest room or the baby room. If you do not plan ahead, you may end up buying more than you bargained for. Not only it would shake the finances, but the extra space would also remind you that you made a rookie mistake.

Q3: Are the neighbours friendly?
You do not want the neighbour’s dog pooping on your doorstep every morning. It is necessary that you talk to the neighbours before buying the house. If the neighbourhood is not good and friendly, the dream can quickly become a nightmare.

Q4: How quickly can I move to the new house?
Good houses sell fast. If you want to buy a house, you need to plan how quick you can move in. If you are excited to move in, and you can pay for it in the due time too, these are the sure signs that you are making the right decision.

Q5: Can I see a future in this house?

You are not going to be all energetic and financially capable all your life. Before buying the house, you have to see if you can stay in the house for a long-term. For most of the people, buying a house is once in a lifetime process, as such, a hasty decision can make you compromise for the rest of the life. Look out for the parks, schools, colleges, malls, doctors, etc. near the flats for sale. All the things that matter should be accessible easily.

Well, there is really no such thing as the ‘perfect house’, it is you who define the four walls and a roof as the ‘Home sweet home’.
Wish you a euphoric House hunting!

If you are on the way to buy a house and want some help, please comment below. If you recently purchased a house and have the first-hand experience, please give some tips to our readers too.

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A Perfect Bathroom is the Stepping Stone to a Perfect House

“Bathroom is the reflection of the house.”

I don’t know from where this quote came from (I am looking for the answers if you can help) but it is said that if you have limited time in hand and want to shortlist a hotel room or a furnished flat in Jaipur, the bathroom is the first place to start.

And why not?

Bathroom sees more emotions than any other place in the house. It is the place where you play games on the mobile without any prying eyes. It is the place where you cry after non-sense fights with the loved ones. This is where you get the confirmation that a new family member is joining. Sometimes, I get the best of the writing ideas in the bathroom only. At least, your day starts with it so, for a happy day, the bathroom should be cozy and gleeful.


Of Course, we all cannot afford the luxurious bathrooms like the five-star hotels but examining the bathroom of the house carefully, you can buy one which is the perfect for you. Let us help you buy such a bathroom which can speak volumes about you.

1. Less clutter but enough storage
A bathroom should be a clutter free space. Unlike any other room of the house, it has fewer accessories. But, at the same time, it should have storage cabinets to manage the toiletries, your everyday things, cleaning products etc. You do not want to invest in the storage units after just spending on buying the house. Do not get intimidated by the way seller has managed the things on the single counter, you will never be able to do that, and you know it too. The storage cabinets or the drawers are a must for your bathroom.

2. Cleanliness and the feel in the air
The bathroom that you just entered should have proper exhausting and air circulation. It should be clean to a perfect reflection. If it is over decorated with candles or flowers, the seller is trying to cover up something fishy. Try to listen to your guts and do not confuse the cleanliness with decoration. The bathroom should feel fresh and Yes, see if there is ODONIL, you do not want to be embarrassed in front of the guests..

3. Walls and Floor
If you want a spacious bathroom on a budget (of course, you do!), the best trick that works is going for the neutral colored walls. The colors are good and they can instantly cheer your mood but neutrals are for forever.

Thinking of skipping this advice?
Let us face the reality. Even when we are compromising on this part thinking we can refurbish the bathroom according to own taste, TRUST ME, you are not going to do that. Buying a house is a tricky business and a big financial decision. When you go overboard with the budget, you do not invest in refurbishing instead you learn to love it. So, buy what you already love.

Talking about the flooring, it needs to be slip-resistant for one and easy to clean too. Going for the tiles is a wise decision as they prevent the water damage.

4. The lightingThe lighting
Good lights in the bathroom cheer you up. It helps you fight all the murky thoughts and gives you positivity. Proper lighting can make your bathroom look bigger and brighter. Make sure that the walls are reflecting the light right and in the direction that you need. Women know the importance of the correct lighting when they put their makeup on.

The light should be such that it is not overpowering, instead, relaxing equally in the morning and in the evening.

Some people buy a house only once in the lifetime. It is crucial to be thorough before taking such a life-changing decision. If you are in that phase and want help, we have the perfect catalog for you. Just browse and find the perfect fit for you. Whether it is 1 BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, 4 BHK Flats In Jaipur, we can help.

Just comment below if you need any assistance, we are happy to help.

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