A home is where your family is.

But at the same time, a home is a place where you relax and look ugly and actually enjoy it. There is no definition to the feeling we call ‘my home’. With the changing lifestyle, the demand for luxury homes is increasing. They are no more the ‘luxury’ only the ‘Forbes most powerful people’ can afford, they are becoming a way of life for financially stable people. After all, everyone likes to be a little spoiled.

Well, the very name ‘luxurious home’ instantly carves an image of a spacious home with more rooms than the number of people residing in. Give or take, we all have that conception that we relate luxury with space or location. The luxurious homes make you feel so pampered that you never want to leave the comforts of your home. Let us see what the Jaipurites are actually preferring in their luxurious home.

1. J.A.R.V.I.S (the advanced intelligent system)

Don’t tell me that you are not intimidated by the JARVIS of the Iron Man. We all love the humour and class it adds to the charm of billionaire and playboy Tony Stark. If you are looking for a luxurious property in Jaipur, you sure would want a technology that is a close cousin of JARVIS. Not only for the security purposes, technology is becoming a trend in the high-end houses. This is the era of the ‘technology on the fingertips’; with a touch of a button, you can control the view, weather, and lights.

Having a personal theater and gaming room is the new trend in town. Home theaters are giving a neck-to-neck competition to the golf courts or the indoor basketball courts that are popular in the western countries.

2. Open Kitchen with Massive storage

The queen of the house is preferring the magnificent open kitchens. A kitchen is the soul of the house and we do not want that tempting aroma of delicious food to be limited to a space or room. The luxurious kitchens have all the restaurant-like appliances with a huge storage options. Adorned with the LED lights, the smart kitchen can brew your coffee following the instructions.

3. Pools (Need we say that?)

We believe that a house is incomplete without a pool. Whether it’s indoor pool or the outdoor one, if you crave the coziness, you need to have one. This is the space which witnesses the most of the happy together time of a family. You do not need to go out vacationing when you have your own pool. Whether it was a bad day at work or a breakup, you would always have a pool to go back to. Aah! You can have as many pool parties as you want.

4. Walk through Closets to relax

The best things that comfort the girls when they feel low are clothes, jewellery and the makeup. A walk-in closet surely must be at the top of the wish list of your little ones. And why not? Everyone likes to be surrounded by the things they love. Not to mention, the walk-in-closets aids the management of the clothes and there is less probability of you losing anything (unless you want to!).

5. Own mini Gym

Exercise is the most crucial routine in anyone’s life that is the excuse everyone gives for having an in-house gym. Jokes Apart, your own mini gym saves you from the hectic gyming schedule. Moreover, you will be saved from the embarrassment of sweating like hell in front of everybody. There is no waiting for your turn to train and an absolute freedom. It is convenient and yes, you can tune in the music of your choice.

So, these are the amenities that gives you the relish of luxury; a feeling to die for. If you are planning to buy a luxury house or remodeling the present one, make sure to have these 5 conveniences to create your definition of perfectness.
Well, if you would like to add some more things to assist you in the new home, please comment below and let our curious readers know.

Original Source : http://www.ownaroof.com/blog/5-levitate-relish-luxury-home/