Whenever an individual think to own a flat or an apartment then they collect lots of information about various properties and check the floor plan of the properties but before that it is essential for an individual to understand the details of floor plan before buying the flat. An individual should try to opt the floor plan that suit and fit with once lifestyle.

When some builder thinks to build a property at that time they need an idea to execute their dream in a proper way in the available land area. At that time, the floor plan is designed it is a treasure map that executed in symbolic language.

Basically, a floor plan is the blueprint of the flat that offers the aerial view of the apartment whether it was 1, 2 Bhk flats in Jaipur. From that, a builder can examine that what they want in the property is looking exactly like that. The top cross view of the floor plan offers the many details of the flat. Many floor plans also consists many items such as furniture to get the idea of actual life dimensions. These kinds of items help an individual to assume their lifestyle in the flat so that if they want to make changes then they may.

Every property has many floors and each floor will have their own floor plan that clearly label and marked many features of the flat like the window, doors, room area and the balconies. That thing offers an individual image about the flat that they choose, it gives the experience of actual flat that they get when the project is finished. There we have some key feature of that flat whether it was 2 or 3 Bhk flats in Jaipur which an individual find in the floor plan. These features help them to understand the importance of floor plan:

Floor Plan

Walls, Windows, and Doors

The most and strongest visual thing in the floor plan is the wall. These walls are presented by parallel lines that are draw bold or filled with some different patterns. The break lines between the walls indicate the doors and the windows. A wall is basically dividing the flat rooms, hall kitchen areas and provides the estimate idea to an individual. Window are defined by the unfilled block attach to the wall.


Stairs are indicated in the series of rectangle basically, it indicates with arrow direction whether it indicate the up arrow for the higher floor or the down arrow for the down floor. Stairs are included the specific sizes number of risers, and the exact clearances need.

Furniture, Fittings and Fixture

Many floor plans also represent the setting of furniture, fixtures and fittings of the flats like the toilet, kitchens, sinks and many other things. These things are basically designed to scale and many of them are indicating for showing their standard symbol. Many professional designers mainly focused on the kitchen and bathroom fixtures because they matter in the layout. Furnishings consist of various floor plans of Furnished flat in Jaipur to offers scale and context. These consist many things like televisions, sofas, and dining tables. Various symbols and conventions are utilized to indicate various materials.

Symbols and Figures

When an individual understands the basic symbols and figures, then they can quickly catch the location of the windows, doors, the bathroom(s), the bedroom(s), kitchen and the dining are situated when they entered in the flat after complete. This floor plan is finer information consisting of symbols and figures to make sure that the builders are offering the correct details of their property.

Various figures and symbols like direction of arrows, line thickness numbers and markings are there to guide an individual about the property. The individual should need to know about what exactly is offering with property

These all key factors are indicating in the well-planned floor plans which explain all the plan of the flat clear and offer an individual an image of their flat where they spend their life. These floor plans offer both the area measurements of the flat Interior room measurements are often given for floor and walls dimension to offer an idea of the room sizes. While the exterior area is also defined.