A place that our feet can leave, but our heart can’t… Yes the only place on Earth like this is our HOME. The feeling of being at Home can’t be acquired as a home moulds its shape as we shape it. The connection of our home with us is just not by its look and luxury rather there is an emotional connects between us and our house which starts with its Entrance.


There’s nothing like coming back to home after a long, tiring day, where the entrance of the house is eagerly waiting to welcome you with the warmth and cosiness of the house which then leads you to the place where you experience the feeling of heaven which is your drawing room.

 Drawing Room

A place where you sit and take a deep breath and forget all your worries for some time and where you get a warm greeting from your family members.


 Dining Room

Now come the place where you find tasty food with which you can vanish your starving stomach that too after a long tiring day. The Dining room is a place where you and your family get a quality time to spend together and share the whole day story.

Bed Room

This room is your final destination for the day where you can take a breath of peace and take a cosy sleep after a long day by forgetting all the worries and tensions of life. A bedroom should be one which should be adored and which can help you to forget all the exhausted side of you and can present a tranquil side of yours.

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