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December 2015

Furnished vs. Unfurnished flats

Now a days, searching a dream home is become hectic task. Many Builders provide number of options to select the property which makes you more chaotic and takes time to decide other than moving into house.

With the times that we are living in, buying a home to live is coming with so many options that making a decision sometimes takes more time than actually moving into the house. One such reason is whether the apartment should be furnished or unfurnished. So let’s check both the option with their benefits but the decision is you’re which one you opt.

Furnished Flat

Furnished vs. Unfurnished flats

Furnished flat are that kind of flat in which you can expect to come with everything that is necessary for you. These flat give you freedom to live comfortably without any inconvenience of moving appliances and furnishing but it doesn’t means that they provides all such items like linens, dishes or towel they have to carry by yourself. Apart from all that we have some benefits of furnished flats:-

  • These flat are ready to move kind and it is perfect for those who are temporarily shifted due to their business. It is also a good choice for those who are moving in to flat for first time and do not have necessary furnishing and for that there is no need to spend extra time and amount get settled in.
  • This is the simplest way to moving the flat just pack your clothes and some necessary items that you need. So it removes all worries of shifting items.
  • There are no unexpected expenses.

Unfurnished Flat

Furnished vs. Unfurnished flats (2)

Unfurnished flat are best for those who already have appliances and furniture. Those kinds of apartment give you a freedom to design your dream homes according to their style and chance to test their creative ability to design their homes. So let’s check some benefits of unfurnished flats:-

  • These flat are important if budget is key concern because they are usually cheaper than furnished flat.
  • These flat give you freedom to furnish the empty space of your home with your creativity. It is obvious if someone moving one place to another then they likely need a company to find the item and relocate them again with different prospective it give you chance to decorate your dream home.
  • It’s an ideal choice if you already own the furniture that is necessary living in a flat. Apart from that they will save the endeavor of trying to sell your things or ordering for expanded storage.

Well when you go to search property in Jaipur which provide unfurnished and furnished 2BHK Flat in Jaipur, 3 BHK flat in Jaipur it totally depends on you that what kind of flat you want because each flat have their own merits and demerits, so you have to decide which is better for you and which one is work well for you.


Why You Need A Great Architect For Your Dream Home?

For evaluation of our new building or an apartment lot of us believe in hired architecture to aesthetics design of your flat. An appealing aesthetic design is only 30% on architect in our flats and other part is not understood by anyone. The thing is a real architecture can only understand the value of interior of our dream home because he has the real experience of years and having sense of responsibility to understand their role in construction of someone‘s dream homes. Here we have some reason to invest in an architect your dream home.

  • A great home make is not only work of architects but they are helping you to save the cost of construction by eliminating the extra expense which is not necessary during construction. They plan all the aspects of the projects ahead of construction. They monitor the construction quality, prevent from the substandard material used and negotiate for getting the best deal from contractor.
  • Most fundament and important aspect of a good home is a great floor plan. We know that building is something that every one look but it is not everything floor plan is also important because it is what you live in.
  • A owner can make decision on their designer but they should make decision before reflect upon because the most aspiring owner do not make any question to contractor whether they make any profit but they always ask question to the architect when they make money. An owner is investing the substantial part of his earning on a home that they had dreaming about.
  • An owner want that the lifetime investment must be handed over to trust professional who can handle you job and who provide you a best in his possible manner. Owner need a professional architecture who can own a responsibility of your project until it can be handed over to you. So never try to cut down the fees of the architect and opting to work with the work with one quote the least of your project and from that you might get receive a less perfect work that you expected from them for your whole life investment.
  • Architects are designer as well as the engineers they bitterly understand the optimum use of space, key aspect of construction, structural need of project, electrical design, an everything there that to know about your dream home. A great architect knows about your expectation, dreams about your home, even they know about each space that you want in your dream home. So you need to give them space to complete their task and make your future world beautifully.

So, whenever you thinking to buy a dream home in Jaipur whether it is 2 BHK Flat in Jaipur or 3 BHK flat in Jaipur select that one which have great architect that suits your taste and class and give your dream home elegant look.

Jaipur Real Estate Market Status

Real estate market in Jaipur is witnessing the boom in last few years. It is estimated that by 2025, Jaipur is become a mega cities with a population of 11 million covering an area of 800 In this coming year the real estate market is going to see a rapid growth in Jaipur which simply means more property more buyers. Developers is successfully holding their price rate of property in Jaipur even though the investor are also waiting to burst, if this situation continues then the investment of investor will stand in good yield.

In recent year a graph has been follow for Jaipur real estate market where as the Jaipur is appreciated in cost. Basically Jaipur is fulfilling all the essential part of being a metro city and make build strong connections through road and network with other metro cities. Jaipur is most preferable tourist’s destination a huge number of tourists come from different countries because it is heritage city so the tourists want feel the royal lifestyle and their royalty.

Jaipur Real Estate Market Status

We have some real estate market trend which developing recently:-

  • In Jaipur the maximum activity of real estate market is done in micro markets like Vaishali Nager, Jagatpura, Patrakar Colony etc. because these regions are connected with neighbouring location like Siker road, Ajmer road, Sirsi road, Tonk road and Delhi road which help to setting up various Builders in Jaipur and increase the flow of development in Jaipur.
  • The increase in residential property is approximate appreciation of 8-10% is happened in 10-12 months however in 40-50 month we expect approximately 11-15% appreciation. This help to hold the micro market in Jaipur.
  • Mainly maximum real estate market fall in price of 2500-3500/sq. ft.
  • The most preferable residential blog is 2 BHK flat in Jaipur, 3 BHK in Jaipur.
  • It has also been observed that residential real estate in Jaipur is determined by 55:45 ratios of mix end user and investor. Mostly buyer is from IT/ITES, migrant from the city and business community ae looking flat for standard of living.


Whether you want to purchase small, big or a modest home, you have to spend a lot of time and money to choose best. But before investing one should keep in mind that in which they investing is right for them. Because home is that place where whole family live together to share lot of sorrow and joys. So it is more necessary to choose the best home with the help of the best builders which give you the guarantee the success of your building projects. For that, it is important to work with reputable builders.

 Before build your dream home, there is many thing to consider when you select the right contractor like period of time, logistic, price and others. If you are not decide the right builder then you can ask them your query like about the registration , professional membership, customer support services before or after the projects, normal downtime in between project, services and warranted process. Ask builder for the written warranty, which help to easily understood the warranty cover, term and condition of the services and the method for service requesting.

 For getting best result, first choose the best builders from whom you deciding to purchase the property for that you should think about the latest technologies that they used for your dream home. Reputed builders always avoid the unnecessary expenses and concentrate more in best quality. Investor can get the number of contractor and call them for any queries and suggestion. Make the correct decision before hire anyone.

 Investor can get the advice from their friends for any recommendations as to which builder is better for getting service. You can also ask your doubts from them like: about their result, completion of project according to schedule and budget, building experience, communication problem and others. Might be your friends able to give some good advice for choosing best builder.

 The decisions to selecting the best house is not being taking lightly it involve lot of money and time. Therefore, finding best property in Jaipur getting genuine builders is extremely important. A Reputed builder is always complete their responsibility with high standard.

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