An apartment or a flat is a free-standing housing unit (a type of residential real estate) that occupies only a part of building. Such a construction may be called an apartment complex, apartment house, tower block, block of flats, apartment building, high-rise or, occasionally mansion block, especially if it comprised of many apartments for rent purposes. In Scotland it is mentioned a block of flats or if it’s a traditional sandstone building a tenement, which has a pejorative connotation elsewhere. Apartments may be owned by an end user by leasehold agreement or rented by the resident.


A penthouse or a penthouse apartment is an apartment on the highest floor of a high-rise apartment. It can be also designed on the ground floor with an underground or built in garage. Penthouses are usually discriminated from other apartments and flats by its luxurious attribute. The term penthouse originally raised from, and sometimes it still does refer to, a desperate smaller house which is constructed on the roof of an apartment building. The thought of a penthouse was introduced in the 1920s, called “The Roaring Twenties”, when economic advancement brought a construction boom to New York City, the hub of the American economy. The high demand for living in Metropolitan area and the deep pockets of Americans led to opulence apartments on the top floors of a building.


A villa is a luxurious house for the elite class. Villas were originally country houses for high born people in ancient Roman. Since its origins in the Roman villa, the idea and function of a villa have evolved considerably. After the fall of Roman republic, Villas were used as small farming compounds for farmers, which were secured later in middle ages. Many of those were consigned to Church for reuse as a monastery. Then they moderately expanded through the Middle Ages, into a graceful elite class country homes.

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